Lead Abatement

AbateTech’s experienced project management team brings innovative solutions and safe work practices to each lead removal job.

Our quality – driven approach offers our clients secure alternatives in safeguarding their employees, as well as their clients, against exposure to lead hazards.

As an added value to our clients, AbateTech provides full re-insulation services for those components
affected during the course of our abatement work. AbateTech will install quality insulation materials to boilers, tanks, mechanical equipment or ductwork to help keep your facility energy efficient and safe. 

Lead Clients
Commercial Buildings, Retail Companies, Federal Agencies, Industrial Plants, Schools, Military Facilities and Communication Service Groups

Full Remediation Services
• Site Assessment
• Expiratory Investigation
• Plan of Action Development
• Full Service Removal Activities
• Structural Steel Water Tower Abatement
• Loose and Flaking Paint Stabilization
• Chemical Stripping
• Component Removal
• TSP Washing
• Encapsulation
• Public Buildings and Structural Steel Licensure
• Commercial Buildings Licensure

Specialized Equipment
• State of the art equipment including the exceptional Turbo Blaster M120
• Blastrac Shot Blast Equipment
• HEPA Assisted Needle Gun Scalers
• RUWAC Portable Dust Collectors

Real Solutions for a Clean Environment